Our Company

Davis Doherty Ltd (DDL) is the leading strategically branded clothing company in New Zealand.

DDL recognises and understands the importance that brandwear plays in creating a unique brand identity and image that builds unity, pride, self-esteem and performance. We will ensure your unique brand identity and image delivers the right brand message to your market.

DDL is a New Zealand owned and operated business with the country’s largest showroom of Workwear-Teamwear-Streetwear clothing. We are committed to not only a sustainable business model but also a code of conduct that balances the needs of all stakeholders in the business, towards a vision of a fairer, more equitable, sustainable future. 

We support effective measures at the international, national and local levels to ensure that the production, manufacturing, and marketing of our clothing is not detrimental to the welfare of workers, the wellness of our society, or has an environmental impact on the planet. 

DDL supports international fair trade practice in searching, sourcing and selecting the highest standard of quality clothing from around the world, ensuring everyday 'peak' performance of your brand by your frontline staff, your team players, your organisation membership and your volunteers.

Team Members

Tony Oldham


Debbie Ankers

Customer Services Manager

Wendy McGuinness

Customer Services

Marijke van Rooyen

Finance Manager


Strategically branded uniforms and work attire are a powerful tool, and their appearance can positively or negatively impact employees' attitudes, levels of satisfaction and overall job performance. DDL’s 4 step strategic branding design process ensures you get that seamless brand delivery right.

DDL’s  4 step strategic branding design process:

1. Discovery

Strategic audit: To gain a real understanding of your business and brand objectives, along with your clothing requirements and specifications.

  • Business audit: Strategic direction analysis  
  • Brand/culture assessment: Strategic evaluation of current & future brand requirements
  • Clothing considerations: Staff input survey (optional) & understanding your corporate and employees' needs

Confirmation of your strategic brand requirements, the scope, job-specific uniform requirements and budget


2. Direction

 Strategic planning: Brandwear - strategic brand alignment with employee clothing needs

  • Strategic planning: Diagnosis - initial strategic thoughts on branded clothing options
  • Appearance: Colours - Materials - Fit
  • Function: Materials - Durability - Practicality - Symbolism
  • Character: Style - Integrity - Conspicuousness

Deliverable: Confirmation of design brief (elements/options)


3. Design

Design recommendations: Create bespoke Brandwear designs or find existing designs that fit the brief, align with your brand strategy, and articulate the right brand image that TRULY differentiates you in the market.

  • Look and Feel: Consistency builds confidence across business/franchise/hierarchy.
  • Role and Unity: Creates pride and performance amongst employees.
  • Brand Identity: The right visual reference for your brand, your staff – your brand ambassadors.


Deliverable: Strategic branded uniform design recommendation, cost estimates and timing.


4. Delivery

Evaluation and production: Sample garments are made and sourced for final client strategic and material adjustments and refinements.

  • All personal are measured and fitted for the perfect fit and optimal performance.
  • Final management and employee evaluations of all garments prior to the final production.
  • Final numbers of garments and orders confirmed, costs approved and delivery dates agreed.


Deliverable: Final finished orders delivered to site, on budget and on time.